Plascart 16Bay Laptop Charging Trolley

Plascart 16Bay Laptop Charging Trolley
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This Laptop Charging Trolley promotes a lightweight, high impact plastic construction, which offers excellent mobility and robustness to meet with the demands of the modern educational or business environment. PlasCart promotes a non-conductive, anti-static plastic construction and is ultra-safe for use in schools. PlasCarts built-in power management system with a 24 hour programmable timer protects your building circuits and prevents energy wastage, helping to reduce your carbon footprint & electricity bills.

Energy Saving Timer

The built-in Power Management System not only protects your devices and prevents your building’s circuits from being tripped, but it also features an energy-saving timer. The timer can be set to charge your devices during the evening or weekend to take advantage of off-peak energy supply hours, helping to reduce your electricity bills.

Easy to use, easy to move

PlasCart is ultra portable for moving from classroom to classroom weighing only 40kgs for the 20 bay model,  which is up to 50% less than alternative carts on the market. The PlasCart range also utilises the devices’ own power packs and connecting leads for charging so can be used with multiple brands at once.

Low maintenance

All the electronics are housed in an easily removable timer module which in the event of a problem can be simply swapped out, greatly reducing down time and costs.

Electrical Safety/Certification

As with all Nuwco charging solutions, PlasCart has been fully tested and CE certified, ensuring the highest levels of electrical/build safety and complying with the latest HSE manufacturing guidelines on electrical safety.


• Unique recyclable plastic construction

• Lightweight & compact design for exceptional mobility

• Charges all laptops from a single mains socket

• Power management module to protect building circuits

• Energy saving programmable timer allows for continuous or timed charging

• Suitable for up to 17” laptops

• Aesthetically designed vents provide a natural ventilated cycle to reduce internal heat

• Power pack shelves

• Key locking front & rear doors for security

• All electrics are securely stored in the rear of the cart to prevent unauthorised tampering

• Unique removable power module can be easily replaced or upgraded

• Heavy duty castors, two locking for added stability

• Available in a choice of 4 vibrant colours : Red, Blue, Green or Yellow

• 2 year Guarantee


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