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cleanmailEmergic CleanMail (ECM) is an internet based Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus solution offered as a service to ensure spam and virus emails are cleaned with multiple layers of protection before they enter your system. ECM's State-of-the-Art infrastructure consist of multiple servers in load balancing mode in multiple IDC's across the globe to ensure you 99.99% availability.

Moreover, ECM removes the complexity of onsite installation requirements, configuration and maintenance. It eases the administrative burden and lowers the Total Cost of Ownership. It works on the basis of MX interception technique that makes the set-up transition easy and transparent to the end-users. Since it provides effective management control for regulating email traffic and dealing with threats and protection levels, it enables your employees to concentrate on their work that will surely lead to productivity and increased network efficiency, providing organizations with a complete and fully functional email system.


  • Triple-level virus scanning
  • Multi-layered spam protection
  • Personal spam manager and spam digest
  • Dashboard for in-depth reporting
  • Inbound content and attachment filtering
  • Disaster recovery spooling
  • Load balanced email delivery
  • Domain specific white and black lists

Key Benefits

  • Saves internet bandwidth by eliminating spam & virus at the gateway level.
  • No hardware or software installation & maintenance.
  • Lowers TCO.
  • Provides 100% virus free and 99% spam-free mails.
  • Prevents email borne DOS attacks.
  • Protects your server from Directory Attacks (DoS).
  • Protects from Phishing Scams.
  • Safely queues emails for 5 days in case primary email server is down

How it works?
Emergic CleanMail gives you the power to monitor and filter e-mail traffic to protect your organization from virus attacks, spam mails and wasted bandwidth right at the Internet level. ECM provides for virus-free and spam-free mail. All the unwanted emails (containing spam and virus) are filtered on our Internet server before they reach your mail server and the intended recipients.

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