disaster-recoveryIt is now generally recognized that Business continuity planning and disaster recovery planning are vital activities. However, the creation of (and maintenance of) a sound business continuity and disaster recovery plan, is a complex undertaking, involving a series of steps. Prior to creation of the plan itself, it is essential to consider the potential impacts of disaster and to understand the underlying risks, these are the foundations upon which a sound business continuity plan or disaster recovery plan should be built. Following these activities the plan itself must be constructed - no small task. This itself must then be maintained, tested and audited to ensure that it remains appropriate to the needs of the organization.

Whether you are entirely new to business continuity and disaster recovery planning, or whether you already have a proven and established plan, PC Peripherals will help outline the process of implementing and maintaining a disaster recovery plan - that ultimately that leads to a minimal replication process that minimises downtime. Make no mistake - in the case of system failure there will be related downtime – how we minimise that depends on the Disaster Recovery plan we have, or don't have in place?

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