Celtic Pcs

Celtic PC is a brand of Irish custom build computers from PC Peripherals. As PC system-build specialists we can offer a flexible custom-design Celtic PC to facilitate any requirement. We can build systems aimed for extremely high performance or systems that are merely required to access network resources. With a Celtic PC you can be confident in the overall performance and reliability of your system no matter what end of the scale you are at. PC Peripherals employ a policy of sourcing components for the manufacture of our Celtic PC's that are environmentally friendly, durable, replaceable and compatible with other products and brands. Buying a Celtic PC can not only save you money, but give you a higher quality machine, Celtic PCs are built to suit our customer's preferences, giving you more control over what goes into your system.

Benefits of a Celtic PC custom Computer

Value for money – Celtic PC is able to offer you the same or better features and technology at a much lower cost than would be available with an off the shelf preconfigured computer. You get a more reliable custom solution and save money.

An exact fit – Celtic PCs are able to fulfil your requirements on any level, every aspect of the computer can be modified and customised to fit your wants and needs. When you have a custom Celtic PC computer built, you decide what hardware and software are required. You can get exactly what you want without paying additional costs for components or applications you won't use, need or want. Best of all we never compromise on quality.

No Bloatware – Many "off the shelf" computers will be loaded with software you either don't use and / or don't want. Most of these programs will take up resources greatly reducing the performance of the machine. When you order computers from PC Peripherals we customise the installation of the operating system and software to suit your needs, as a result your Celtic PC is more efficient.

Durability – Often it's a case after a year or so a preconfigured machine starts to slow down, when you try to upgrade you find out that parts are obsolete. With custom computers, you have better control over the components that are used to build it, along with what stage of their life cycle those parts may be in. You can rest assured that Celtic PCs will give you the best performance for years on end.

Warranty – Each Celtic PC system we build goes through an extensive quality assurance process. Celtic Pcs are offered with the security of a 3-Year Next business Day (full parts & Labour) Onsite warranty as a standard feature.


Celtic PCs

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